The swimming pool is located in the southeastern part of the estate and is exposed to direct sunlight throughout the day, from sunrise to sunset, making the water temperature warm enough to use from June to September. It is positioned right in front of each villa, so you can literary jump from the porch into the pool. The water source is the river Arda, which means that the water is very soft and doesn’t require a lot of chemicals to sustain it clean and healthy for swimming purposes. Around the pool there are sunbeds available with umbrellas for the hot summer days along with small tables so that our guests can make their own drinks and enjoy them in the sun or in the water. Since the estate is far away from the village it has no neighbors nearby allowing our guests to lounge in the sun and around the pool undisturbed and enjoy their vacation. The depth of the swimming pool is 1.4 meters and goes onto a deeper 1.6 meters.