The sauna and massaging hot tub are installed in a wet room right next to the gym, enabling those of you who work out to use them after the training session. Our sauna has a capacity of five users and is capable of reaching a temperature of 110 degrees Celsius (230 F), its stove is filled with volcanic rocks which can be sprayed with water to increase the temperature and humidity up to the desired levels. Right next to the sauna is the hydro massaging hot tub, its capacity is two users in a stretched horizontal position. While taking a bath, there are 25 jets which spray filtrated and heated water on the major muscles of the body and generating a tingling sensation in the process. To enhance the sauna and hot tub experience, there is an audio system built in the tub which is attachable to external audio sources. In the same wet room we have installed a hydro massaging shower with ten jets, so that you can take a shower and dress up, not having to go to your villa.