The villas are located in the village of Tzareva Polyana, (King’s Meadow, at the foothills of the Eastern Rodhope Mountains, 21 kilometers from the City of Haskovo and 30 kilometers from the City of Kardjali. They are both easily accessible via highways from Sofia International Airport (250km or 2 and ½ hours via car).
The village has a permanent population of approximately 250 people. The working population commute to Haskovo or are farmers, the rest are retirees. There are a few shops, one of which supplies groceries. It is also recommended to try the locally grown products such as eggs, milk, cheese, chicken and beef as well as all sorts of vegetables and fruits.

The village of Tzareva Polyana has some local attractions. There is a renovated church, a newly built chapel on the hill overlooking the village called St. George, an older chapel and a small isolated chapel in the nearby forest. Visiting these Christian sanctuaries is recommended by foot or bikes which can be used free of charge by our guests. For those who fish, there are several opportunities – a lake two kilometers away used for professional fishing and another lake which can be used for both canoeing and fishing. For those of you who are into motorized action we can offer off-road experiences with a 4×4 pickup truck with extra seats for afternoon nature exploration. Also we offer All Terrain Vehicles (ATVs) which are again 4x4s so they can be used in any type of weather, snow, sun or rain.

The area surrounding the villas is extremely quiet and offers unique experiences in any type of season. You can take a dip in the pool, spend time in the sauna and hot tub, or enjoy the gym. In the evening, you can cook your own dinner or ask us to cook it for you and dine in your own villa. There is also barbeque located in the backyard. One can also eat in the dining room with your friends or colleagues. Even though the villas are remote they are connected 24/7 to the Internet via High Speed WLAN. We also offer guests the use of our office computer.


The view from each of the bedrooms is spectacular during all seasons. The snow and the mountains during the winter provide an excellent opportunity to try out the fireplace which heats up the radiators in the villa. After April, the green color starts to return while the grass starts to grow, the trees blossom, the birds start to come around and the storks can be observed from your balcony. As mentioned before in the summer time when the weather is fine, or so the song goes…, the pool is just outside your doorstep and the privacy of having your own pool and sharing it only with residents of the other two villas enables you to swim and sunbathe. In Autumn, the view outside changes dramatically. The trees, grass, the hills and the meadows all turn brownish, while the weather still is warm, providing an opportunity to jog, walk, cycle or just watch the spectacular hills outside. You can also enjoy the weather outside while having breakfast, lunch or dinner on your own porch or at the backyard barbeque.

Quality and Comfort

The villas are connected with stone pathways that circle around the area providing an excellent opportunity for those of you with children to let them run around and not worry about their safety. Each villa has its own entrance with a wardrobe. The dining room and kitchen are on the first floor along with a toilet, closet and a fireplace. The furniture consists of high-end products from Bulgarian and Italian outlets. In the living room there is a pull-out couch that seats three , a dining table with five chairs,an LED 32”Toshiba TV with 130 channels, an Inverter AC and a full view of the panorama outside via the floor-to-ceiling windows. The kitchen has both conventional and microwave ovens, a water heater, a full set of cooking, baking and dining utensils and a sink. The porch is equipped with a pull down shade that provides necessary shade on sunny days so you can enjoy your morning coffee on the garden table outside. The garden table seats six..

Going up the stars leads you to the second floor of the villa which has a bedroom with a king size bed, a full size wardrobe, night stand, AC and a terrace. The other bedroom is equipped with two normal size beds with a full size wardrobe, AC, a desk and an entrance to the terrace as well. The bathroom is situated on the second floor. It is well equipped with a built-in toilet and a shower room. The entire villa is heated up by the fireplace, which uses the fire to warm up water that runs through radiators located in every room, as well as the bathrooms. Please note that the ACs in each room is all very capable of heating and cooling the villas.

In the evening, the yard is well lit by several lamps, mounted on 6 meter polls. The pool also has underwater lights which provide a romantic view even though its pitch black outside. The often clear sky at night allows you to enjoy a spectacular view of the stars and the moon, while listening to the sounds of the crickets.

The service villa

The gym, sauna, hot tub, dining room, office, laundry machine and dryer are all located in the fourth villa which is used by our guests to for their health, pleasure and sanitation needs. The gym is fully equipped even for the needs of professional athletes. It has an Olympic size bench with a full set of weights, adjustable dumbbells, two cycles, a cross training machine, a rowing machine, a multifunctional unit for 26 different exercises, cable TV and AC. The five person sauna is produced by the US manufacturer Helo, and it has a 7Kw heater with volcanic stones that can be sprayed with water to increase humidity. The two person hot tub is made by the French SSWW company with 25 jets to spray water to tired muscles. There is also a built-in audio system. The water of the hot tub circulates through cleaning filters and is heated up to remain clean and warm for at least 24 hours. For the convenience of our guests a shower with jets is available for those of you who wish to shower and dress before returning to your own villa.

On the second floor of the service villa, there is a dining room which can be used for catered events organized upon request. On the same floor you can use our laundry machine and if needed, the dryer. Please note that in the summer, spring and autumn, the warm clean air outside is sufficient enough to dry your laundry in a couple of hours.