“Nicodia Estate was built in 2012 with financial assistance from the European Union’s cohesion fund and expanded in 2015. We offer our guests four separate self-catered villas and two apartments, complete with a swimming pool, outdoor dining with barbecue, and access to a service villa which houses a gym, sauna, hydromassaging hot tub, and tavern, as well as the reception. Each villa is fully equipped for both short and long-term stays, with a capacity of up to six or eight residents during all seasons. Our total capacity was increased in 2015 to 20 people. In the summer, our guests can make use of the tennis court, swimming pool and amenities in the service villa, as well as mountain bikes, ATVs, SUVs, and, upon request, a shuttle service and catering. In the winter, the service villa is open throughout the day for gym exercises, sauna and hot tub use, or if you prefer, you can enjoy the cozy atmosphere of the fireplace, and we will provide you with all the necessary firewood.

In the area, there are numerous sightseeing attractions and several sports and leisure opportunities. One of the World’s Wonders is located just 25 km away – the ancient Thracian city of Perperikon, located on a peak in the Eastern Rhodope mountain chain and created 5000 years BC. Another ancient attraction is Tatul, a Thracian sanctuary that was populated 4000 years BC. Both sites are very popular tourist attractions. Apart from those Thracian sites, there are several other natural creations such as the Stone Wedding and the Rock Mushrooms, both megalithic monuments located on hilltops in the Rhodopes, just 20 minutes away by car. In the city of Haskovo, our visitors can see the biggest statue of the Virgin Mary in the world (certified in the Guinness book of records), beautiful parks, dining out opportunities and numerous night clubs. Recreational activities such as mountain biking, walking, jogging, working out in our private gym, riding ATVs, off-roading in our SUV, swimming, taking a bath in our hot tub, or relaxing in the sauna will keep you entertained throughout your stay.”