Nicodia Estate offers its guests the opportunity to rent an ATV and ride around for fun, pleasure and excitement. The surrounding area offers an excellent opportunity to learn how to ride it, for the experienced riders there are mountain trails that we can show you to explore. We offer high-end machines – Yamaha 4×4 450 Wolverine and CF Moto 600 UTV (Utility Task Vehicle) 4×4, so that you can try them even in mud or snow. The UTV is very popular and recommended to inexperienced riders, as it offers independent suspension, Automatic transmission, SUV-like seats with seatbels and roll cage.

For those of you who own an ATV or a dirtbike, feel free to bring it along, we will provide you with a map of the area and will even show you around free of charge. Renting ours costs 25 EUR per hour – fuel included.